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Wire Cut Company, specialist that will meet your exact precision complex requirements as an AS9100 ISO Certified EDM manufacturer, providing high quality Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) services since 1978.

Wire Cut has earned a reputation for quickly and economically producing parts that defy traditional EDM machining with the highest of standards in manufacturing techniques.

EDM Sample Parts

Large Space- Aviation-Aerospace–Defense-Medical-Semiconductor-Commercial-Automotive

Palletizing for Precision Repeatability in EDM Machining

Abrasive Flow Machining to Remove EDM Recast

Our EDM service solutions: Wire EDM Machining, Conventional EDM & Sinker EDM, EDM Hole Drilling

Precision EDM Machining & Engineering at the Highest Level

  • EDM Machining tolerances held to .0002”
  • EDM hole drilling as small as .010”
  • Superior ultra fine surface finishes
  • EDM High Speed Drilling (EDM Hole Popping)
  • 30º Tapers Up to 15” inch thick
  • EDM Cuts up to 24” inch thick
  • EDM Capacities to 24” thick and 2000 lbs

• EDM Machining of virtually any tough or exotic    conductive materials
• Absolute accuracy and repeatability EDM
• EDM Contract Manufacturing
• EDM cutting of Prototype to Production runs of nearly any geometric intricate EDM shape
• Complete EDM Machine shop and support

EDM Machining Assurance

  • Produce quality EDM machining with on time deliveries at competitive pricing
  • Maintain a team of highly skilled personnel
  • Pledge complete customer satisfaction
  • Maintain EDM machining integrity and reputation
  • Strive for EDM perfection through continuous    improvement and advanced technical development
  • Consistency throughout EDM production
  • Total submerge EDM Cutting
  • High production volume to prototypes

EDM Certification

Wire Cut Company- EDM machining service is CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D and has been audited in accordance with the requirements of: AS9104/1:2012.

Our EDM services offers excellence in electrical discharge machining and has been the industry leader since 1978. With capabilities of Wire EDM, Small micro Hole EDM Drilling, and Conventional EDM/Sinker. Specializing in industrial specific manufacturing including: Aerospace machining-Defense-Military-Medical-Surgical machining- Satellite machining-all types of industrial & commercial EDM machining. We offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing. We have a highly trained and skillfully dedicated staff, who strive to make every effort possible and go beyond your expectations.

Wire EDM machined rocket nozzel for aerospace by Wire Cut, EDM job shop manufacturer
Small EDM machining, capabilities include unique EDM parts, brackets, and EDM molds by Wire Cut, EDM shop manufacturer
Copper EDM parts by Wire Cut EDM job shop  and manufacturer

Wire cut EDM parts machining


Manufacturer of machined parts and EDM special processor providing services to the aerospace, medical, semiconductor and commercial industries.

Absolute accuracy and repeatability to ensure consistency throughout production with complete machine shop support.

To ensure the development of a cost effective EDM part design engineering and production assistance is available throughout your project.

Call us today for a quote for a specialist in EDM Machining Services.


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